Enabled Works

Enabled Works

 People said that disabled people couldn’t run their own business. We took that as a challenge! If you have disabilities life’s a challenge, so this was just another one. People said it couldn’t be done – but we’re winning. 

Ethics and Integration Manager John Wormald

Enabled Works Ltd was formed in 2012 as a response to the closure of Leeds and Pontefract Remploy factories. “We pooled some redundancy money from Remploy and set up Enabled Works. Everyone downstairs is part of the business. Everyone takes ownership of it.”

We were introduced to Enabled Works by our EarlyBird founder client, Richard Levin, co-owner of Loop Cashmere. At EarlyBird we mostly run our own fulfilment but for our Loop sales, (next sale 14th July) we’re pleased to say that your beautiful cashmere will be sent to you directly from Loop via the Enabled Works community.

We wanted to shine a light on this amazing non-profit organisation who offer full time employment and professional training to those with disabilities. Enabled Works provides Loop Cashmere’s fulfilment process, this means the staff at Enabled Works provides the service for your order from cart to your door and everything in between.

As well as the factory set-up on the ground floor, Enabled Works has an upper floor where they provide training and rehabilitation for disabled and disadvantaged people. Giving access to potential training and work placements using a network of former business contacts and driving their mission to help the local community and promote other social enterprise businesses.

Enabled Works is a non-profit organisation, “The more money we make, the more people we can help” Ethics and Integration Manager John Wormald. The business model focuses on long term support and making an impact that will last.

Much like EarlyBird, Loop Cashmere aims to support ethical practices wherever they can, with their ethically sourced cashmere and sustainable processes. Richard says they were delighted when they crossed paths with Enabled Works, and are proud to have such a fantastic, dedicated work force lovingly packaging and shipping their fabulous products.

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