Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot hand & body wash 250ml

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Boxed Mandarin & Sicilian Bergamot hand & body wash 250ml.

A luxury hand and body wash made with healing organic honey to revive your hands every time you wash them. Aloe Vera helps soothe cuts and cracks while organic chamomile hydrates and helps restore the skin’s natural moisture to maintain elasticity and leave your hands feeling wonderfully soft.

The Fragrance:

Mandarin: this sweet citrus oil with floral notes is believed to inspire positive energy. A clean, fresh scent, it helps to improve mood and restore equilibrium

Restorative - Uplifting - Harmonising

Sicilian Bergamot: from the peel of a small green citrus fruit, Bergamot oil is naturally calming, promoting confidence and clarity of thought.