Rose Otto & Burnt Amber natural wax scented candle 180g

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Boxed Rose Otto & Burnt Amber natural wax scented candle 180g.

With a burn time of up to 40 hours, our beautifully boxed 180g candles are the perfect way to enhance your surroundings and also make a wonderful gift.

Whether you're enjoying a spa style experience whilst bathing, entertaining friends, or just relaxing in the evening at home or whilst away, the soft glowing light and enveloping fragrance of a scented candle should be an everyday luxury.

The Fragrance:

Heavenly scented, the enduring and regenerative qualities of rose are grounded with the honeyed spice of resinous musk to produce a sumptuous fragrance for the heart and mind.

Nourish - Renew - Balance

Intense yet intimate, feel emotions and tensions seep away as the smoky amber and relaxing rose essential oil work their mysterious powers on your sense of wellbeing.